The 52-year fight between the Colombian Government and the Marxist guerilla FARC-EP is the longest running civil war in Latin America.

Two generations of Colombians have never known what it means to live in peace.


Since September 2012 the Government and FARC have held Peace Talks behind closed doors on neutral ground in Havana, Cuba. With unprecedented access to both  political leaders, President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC Chief Commander Timochenko,

this intimate, observational documentary film goes behind the scenes during this profound moment in Colombia's history. The negotiations have exposed the very worst abuses against humanity.


This could be the last real chance for peace in Colombia after many past failed attempts. Ultimately a public vote will be held by citizens to approve or reject the Final Agreement and there is fierce and deadly opposition in Colombia.  The right wing Centro Democrático political party led by Senator and former President Alvaro Uribe is swaying public opinion to veto peace. His stance has stirred up right wing armed violence in the provinces.  

The film is set within the most pivotal and tense stages of the peace process, investigating the issue of justice and the disarmament of 6000 insurgents.


'To End a War' explores what it takes both strategically and spiritually for a nation of 50 million to move from hatred to forgiveness, from war to peace.